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Above: Women wipe the altar in preparation for the cloths, flowers and candies to be placed on it.

Left: Deacon Clayton Mitchell, from St Charles Seminary in Guildford places the incense on the altar.

Bottom left: Archbishop Hickey, kneels to pray, after blessing the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, together with Deacon Clayton Mitchell, from St Charles Seminary, seminarians from Redemptoris Mater, Rector Fr Michael Moore and Bishop Don Sproxton.

Bottom right: Archbishop Hickey raises the Body of Christ at the end of the Eucharistic Prayer.

Photo: Jamie O'Brien

Chapel dedicated

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the angel proclaimed to Mary Magdalene that Christ is risen from the dead. This is reflected also in the icon at the back," he said.

  "The whole internal architecture of the Chapel," said Fr Moore, "is based on the concept that Vatican II emphasised that the Church is the body of the risen Christ.”

  The chair, Fr Moore continued, represents the head, while the lectern is symbolic of the mouth of the body of the risen Christ.

  "The altar can be seen as a stomach where we receive the food - the Body and Blood of Christ - while the assembly forms the arms, legs and feet of the risen Christ that help to bring the good news to the world,"

  "The walls are done in stone in the tradition of the early Church that the Domus Ecclesia - the house of the Church - was always built of stone. "As St Peter says, this reminds us that the real stones are the living stones," he said.

  As part of the opening, the Archbishop also blessed and consecrated a separate Blessed Sacrament Chapel in the Seminary.

  It also contains a relic of wood from the coffin of Blessed Mary MacKillop.

  At the conclusion of the dedication, Fr Moore also read out the decree, thanking the benefactors and more than 70 builders, artists and workers who contributed their time and efforts voluntarily.

Used with permission of “The Record”

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