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24-29 July, 2013

Curitiba in the South of Brazil was the start of the Pilgrimage and when visiting the Botanical Gardens in the centre of the city we sang songs and announced the gospel to the people who were there.

Iguaçu Falls near the border with Argentina and which was the site used in the film “The Mission” showed the magnificence, power and beauty of nature to all its visitors.

In the Parish of Our Lady of Hope (Parocchia Nossa Senhora da Esperanca) we were given the use of the catechumenium to celebrate the Eucharist to be fed by the spiritual food of the Lord.

In the Redemptoris Mater Seminary of Brasilia, we received a welcome and explanation of all the symbolism of the Sanctuary of the Word of God by the Rector, translated by Fr Wilson of Cottesloe Parish, Perth.

The enormous statue of Christ the Redeemer which overlooks the entire city of Rio de Janeiro is a very popular landmark and tourist attraction. The left photo shows Copacabana Beach, where we will meet Pope Francis.

On Copacabana Beach, where we will meet Pope Francis in the evening for the Prayer Vigil.

In the Rio Arena for the Vocational Call from Kiko, Carmen and Fr Mario and where Cardinal Pell attended seeing 3,000 men stand up offering themselves to be missionary priests for the New Evangelisation. Total attendance was 100,000.

The Sanctuary of Aparecida, where the Pope had already come and is the holiest shrine for South America.

The lofty gothic cathedral of Sao Paolo outside of which we conducted a popular mission, announcing the love of Christ for everyone. This was our last place of preaching and singing, and ended the day with the eucharist.

220 young people, presbyters and catechists from the neocatechumenal communities in Australia went on pilgrimage to Brazil seeking the will of God for their lives and living each day looking on the face of Christ in each other as brothers and sister in faith. We were from the cities of Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth. Our itinerary in Brazil was to go to parishes, Churches and open spaces in six cities of Brazil: Curitiba, Iguaçu, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Aparecida and Sao Paolo.

We lived this pilgrimage through announcing the good news to each other and to the people in each city through popular missions and catecheses and celebrating the Eucharist and the psalms of the Church each day. We experienced the joy that comes from giving our lives for others and we also saw the happiness that the Brazilian families and communities received in their giving us hospitality and friendship. There were many tears in their eyes when it came to say goodbye.

The following is a summary and photo display of the places and events that took place.