Our Beginnings


Eileen Lalor, matron of the “C” class hospital called “Carmel”,  situated on the corner of 26 Camboon Road and Gill Street, Morley,  donates the site to the Archbishop of Perth (April 13)


“Redemptoris Mater”, Apostolic Exhortation  of Pope John Paul II promulgated and the first Redemptoris Mater Seminary opened in Rome the same year (March 25)


The Seminary begins ‘ad experimentum’.

Seminarians live as guests of families whilst studying

introductory courses.

9 New Seminarians:

David Castro (Venezuela), Raul Matute Portugal (Peru), Melvin Llabanes (Philippines), Lino Fuma (Philippines), Giosué Marini (Italy), Joseph Pelle (Australia), Eugenio Zurias Dias (Venezuela), Richard Tomelty (Australia) and  Jerome Tibon (Philippines).

Original “Carmel” C Class Hospital given to the Archdiocese of Perth and in 1993 given to us to be made into a Seminary in preparation for the first intake of seminarians to following year. The building on the left was the hospital chapel which we renovated before replacing it with the current one.

The staff and seminarians at the beginning of 1995.

The name “Carmel” was placed at the centre of the verandah, facing Gill Street.