The Icon of the Chapel

This Icon is a copy of the Original painted by Kiko Arguello in the Basement of the Church of Saint Frances Cabrini in Rome and forms the backdrop of the Chapel in the Seminary.

The icon

The Icon depicts the life of Christ from his birth to his Resurrection from the dead. In the centre is a replica of Rublev’s Icon of the three angels visiting Abraham and Sarah who offer them hospitality shown by the bread on the table. The cup has been added to symbolise with the Bread, the Eucharist that Jesus Instituted the night before he died.
This visit of the angels also symbolises the communion of the three persons of the Trinity who promise Abraham that he will have a son born to Sarah and through faith in this promise will become the Father of a great nation, the people of God. This promise is fulfilled in the birth of Isaac and is also fulfilled in the birth of Jesus who founded the Church to be the new people of God.